Host Families are a long standing and highly honored part of Minor League Professional Baseball. Virtually all teams in Independent Leagues and Major League affiliated teams below Class AA, have Host Families for the majority of their players. These programs are a vital part of a player’s success both on and off the field. Having players become a part of a local family helps these young men stay grounded in an unfamiliar city, build their life skills and affords them the stability they need at “home” to concentrate on building their baseball skills in an incredibly competitive profession.

Opening your home to a professional baseball player, as well as to the daily grind and lifestyle of an elite athlete, is an experience that few people have the opportunity to enjoy. The Pacific Association is often the last effort a hard working, highly motivated player will make in attaining his ultimate goal: playing in the Major Leagues.

These players bring their talents and skills to the Pacific Association despite making meager wages, which makes the need for host families extremely important. Becoming a host family truly allows a household to join the Vallejo Admiral family. The recognition and perks one receives as compensation for becoming a host family is worth more than money. The memories and relationships host families make with their “host sons” are invaluable and will last a lifetime.

Host Family Responsibilities:
*Provide room and board for the player(s)
*Be aware of their schedule (The Admirals will play 78 games in 90 days; 39 of those games will take place in Vallejo. The players will arrive in Vallejo in Mid-May, and the season will come to an close at the end of August.)
*Encourage them to participate as members of their families
*Support the players in their drive to play major league baseball
*His own room (unless you host two, instant roommates!)
*His own bathroom (not required)
*Access to a laundry room and kitchen
*Host families are NOT required to cook for their player
*It is NOT the responsibility of the host family to provide transportation for their player

Player Responsibilities:
*Adhere to the rules set forth by the Host Family
*Participate as a member of the family, giving the respect/consideration he would give his own family
*Provide his own transportation to and from the ball park
*Wash/dry his own laundry
*Pay for his own long distance phone calls (Most players have cell phones.)

Host Family Perks!
*Season Tickets to all home games and free entry to away games (San Rafael, Sonoma, Pittsburg).
*Host Family passes and t-shirt
*In-game recognition of host families at home games
*A team-sponsored preseason event for all host families
*Team sponsored in-season event with host family and their player
*On-field recognition ceremony at the end of the season for host family
*Discounts for the Admirals merchandise
*Spring Training trial period (Try hosting a player for the 10-day Spring Training to test the program out)

If you’d like to become a host family, contact us at