2017 Events Calendar

June 2nd – Opening Day

June 4th – Cancer Survivor Day

June 6th – Umpire Appreciation Night

June 8th – End of School Night

June 21st – Public Safety Night

July 1st – Critter Day

July 2nd – Military Day

July 4th – Special Fourth of July Start Time at 3:30 p.m.  

July 5th – Athlete of the Year Night 

July 15th – Service Club Day

July 16th – Character Day

July 19th – Hot Dog Night 

July 29th – Dance Day

July 30th – Car Show Day

August 2nd – Non-Profit Appreciation Day

August 11th – Back to School Night

August 13th – Food of the World Day

August 16th – Wilson Park Chronicals Night 

August 22nd – Home Run Derby 

August 25th – College Night