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The Vallejo Admirals’ bid for a Pacific Association title came up short on Sunday, as the San Rafael Pacifics put an end to baseball at Wilson Park for the season — but only this season — with an 11-8 victory.The loss left the Admirals in second place for the season, but it won’t stop them from returning next year.

Picture“Absolutely,” said owner Robert Young when asked if Admirals will see a third season. “We are already making plans for 2015.”

Young and NorCalSports LLC purchased the independent professional baseball team in April from the Tito Fuentes Baseball Academy. Last season, Young owned both the Hawaii Stars and Maui Na Koa Ikaika, the 2013 champions of the Pacific Association.He said the season went well for the Admirals, considering the team’s relatively short preparation time.

“I’m so proud of the team, staff and community for the support,” Young said. “I think Vallejo is a fabulous community to support minor league baseball like ourselves.”

An earlier start to work on marketing plans and immersing themselves in Vallejo will help the Admirals for 2015, Young said.

“We’ll have a full off season to be part of the community,” he said. “There’s a lot of work to do. … We want to be representing the community.”

Although attendance was not been as high as Young had expected it to be, he said there’s only room to grow for upcoming seasons.

Longtime fans like Michele Sibilla-Martin and Ray Martin agreed that there should be more people filling the seats at Wilson Park. Nevertheless, they said they have been very happy with their hometown baseball team.

“They are Vallejo’s team,” Sibilla-Marton said. “They are such a great group of guys.”

The couple were part owners in the first year of the Admirals, and have continued to support the team through its second year.

“The enthusiasm that it brings is adding something positive in Vallejo,” Martin said.

The season hit a minor snag in July when the Admirals’ vice president and assistant coach, Tito Fuentes Jr., resigned to pursue a head coaching position with another team. His wife, Alma Fuentes, stepped down as well.

“I was disappointed that we had some issues to compel Tito to leave us for another opportunity,” Young said. “But we moved on, and we thank him for his contribution.”

Vallejo Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Mike Browne was sitting at the grandstand Sunday and said the Admirals have been a great addition to the city.

“It’s a great community attraction, and a great community event,” Browne said. “It builds loyalty and spirit of the community in Vallejo. It’s such a great asset.”

Browne said the visitor’s center has been receiving many inquiries about the team from Vallejo residents and beyond.

“It makes Vallejo more of a destination,” he added.

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